Pay Your ARNA Dues online via PayPal

No-Fee Payment Option


Want to avoid PayPal fees?

Follow these steps:


1. Log into your PayPal account

2. From the SEND AND REQUEST tab, select Send to friends and

     family in the US.

3. Enter in the To field and click Next.

4. Enter Amount to send ($75 dues and any optional contribution to

     the Social Fund).

5. In the Add a note field, tell us who you are (required), what

     address you're paying for (required), and optionally include your

     phone number. We will use this information for the block plat

     unless you request otherwise. Otherwise, the plat will show "(Do

     not publish)." Include all names and phone numbers you'd like

     included on the plat.

6. Select payment method. If using a Credit or Debit card, adjust

     Amount to include any fees.

7. Click Send Money Now.



Pay Your ARNA Dues online via PayPal


To pay your annual ARNA dues online a little bit easier, but with PayPal fee:


1. Select the applicable option below and click Pay Now.

2. At checkout, PLEASE ADD BLOCK PLAT INFORMATION as follows:

     A. Just below your shipping address, click the Add link next

           to Note to Seller.
      B. This will attach a note to your payment in which you should
            a. Your name (required so we can identify you)

            b. ARNA address (required so we can identify your house)

           c. Your contact email (optional, but very helpful to us)

           d. Renter's names (if applicable; optional)



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