The officers are responsible for leading the neighborhood association, establishing committees, maintaining communications, and procuring services and contracts to maintain the upkeep of our neighborhood and to foster a positive, friendly, and strong community in Antelope Run.

  • President
    Alex Robinson (505) 294-0473

  • Vice-President
    Dean Willingham (505) 293-8986

Block Captains


The eight block captains are responsible for welcoming new residents to the neighborhood, communications and events within the block,  and collecting dues for the neighborhood association.


  • Caribou Ave. (East)
    Betty Wilson (505) 275-7358


  • Elk Horn Dr.
    Betty Northrup (


  • Caribou Ave. (West)
    Ernie Aragon (505) 271-8399


  • Gazelle Pl.
    Rudy Ortega (505) 710-7095


  • Ibex Ave. (East)
    Rich & Michelle Detry ( 505) 293-9056


  • Oryx Pl.
    Volunteer Needed. Call any officer to volunteer.


  • Ibex Ave. (West)
    Heather Willingham (505) 293-8986


  • Puma Pl.
    Volunteer Needed. Call any officer to volunteer.

Architectural Control Committee


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for enforcing the covenants and

approving requests for landscape or home modifications.


  • Chair
    Mark Piccione
    (505) 292-3037


  • ACC Members
    Betty Wilson
    (505) 275-7358

Social Events


The social events coordinator is responsible for coordinating events and social gatherings for the neighborhood.  The coordinator also helps residents and block captains organize block parties and events. Although social contributions are voluntary they fund  the events which aid in maintaining a sense of community and cohesion for the neighborhood.  These informal gatherings allow residents to familiarize themselves with one another and share in activities that are fun for all ages.


  • Coordinator
    Volunteer Needed. Call any officer to volunteer.

Grounds Maintenance Coordinator


The grounds maintenance coordinator is the liaison between ARNA and the contracted grounds maintenance company.


  • Coordinator
    Volunteer Needed


Jamir Tarin

(505) 470-4818



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